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Hi, I'm Alex from Lowdown UK.

I'm the newest member of the Lowdown media team.


When the Lowdown team contacted me about a new show in Belgium, it seemed like a great idea with a solid team behind it and being only the second time I’ve left the country in 3 years, I jumped at the opportunity and got my bags packed.


The event itself is run by Lowdown UK saw the perfect match of UK show cars making the trip over and with their team over in Belgium itself organising some of the finest in Belgium and of course the rest of europe.


To me, this format was the perfect introduction to the wider scene in Europe, as many of us UK guys began to buddy up and plan road trips, it still felt very normal. It's just this convoy to the show will take us over a few borders.

Arriving in Belgium was refreshing, wide open flat roads, 30’c wall to wall blue sky and the temptation of a Belgian beer was real. All the while being reminded by my co-pilot to drive on the right side of the road. International driving laws aside the weekend was shaping up to great, with a number of convoys meeting around Lichtervelde on the Saturday before the show, the Lowdown UK media team made light work of shooting some of the show cars in the area for the show and safe to say a UK number plated widebody r35 skyline, does have a certain neck snapping effect in rural Belgium. 

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With new friends made and exchanges about various mods and their potential legality in different countries discussed, the sun set and beer was certainly drunk. The extremely relaxed vibes of our Belgian hosts was setting the stage nicely for the show itself.

De Ark - Ardooie, The venue name of the first Lowdown Belgium show, sleek modern architecture, well kept outdoor space, blue skies, the sounds of eurobeat and the occasional smell of detailing mist in the air. The stage was set!


200 cars all hand selected by the Lowdown team began to fill the venue indoors and out, it's safe to say and i’ll say it now, the level was high.


The huge variety and level of show cars selected by Lowdown, for me, made it a show to remember. Add to this a variety of Belgian street foods, ice creams, sparklingly ice tea and the warm feel of sun on my back everything was really beginning to cement some lasting memories.

Was it the weather? The level of cars? The food? The vibe? I couldn’t place my finger on it, quickly realising it was everything, everything had been considered and thought of, often having to double check with the Lowdown team that this was in fact their first show and they haven’t been secretly organising them for years.


I think it's fair to say this Polo Lowrider didn't struggle to gain attention and I don't think we have to explain why.


Speaking to some of the show car owners from Belgium and Germany, you quickly realise regardless of language, time zone, the legality of the car you have built. We are all the same, we share the same passion and interest.


It's safe to say over the last few years, I myself have been very focused on the UK scene and this whole experience was refreshing and great to see the scene thriving across Europe.


Now the dust has settled and I’m back. I look at the content the media team produced from the show with great memories and sense of a wider family that we have all now met and can’t wait to see soon, like looking at old holiday photos.

Lowdown UK have set the platform for one of my new favourite shows and I encourage anyone from the UK reading this, keep an eye on Lowdown UK and other events they run, Lowdown Belgium is well a truly getting penned into every calendar from here onwards, see you at the next one.


Thanks again to everyone who attended.


Both teams from UK & Belgium were blown away from the feedback. 2023 will be bigger and better! 

See you all soon.

Alex / @UntypicalMedia

Lowdown UK


Big shout out to our media team @JakeWardPhoto @UntypicalMedia & @Down_Shift_Media for supplying us with the killer content! make sure you give them a follow!

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