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Well, where do we start? A year of coro.... hang on, don’t even worry, I’m sure you’ve had enough of it as much as we have. Yet, as much as we try to put it to one side, it’s been the cause of the worst year in show season history! In our opinion anyway! 


So as well as all you guys, we had to take advantage of any event that was able to take place this year. This was no different when we heard that TUCKED AUTOMOTIVE announced the EAT AND MEET PT 2. We just had to make sure we was there! 


An added bonus for us, it was hosted at The Sharnbrook Hotel in Bedfordshire, which is just a short 25 minute journey for us! So we grabbed our keys, dusted off the cars and set off for the journey over. 


We arrived a lot earlier than the official start time (our bad, sorry Lee). Yet, we were greeted with an unreal number of top quality modified motors already. So we knew from the get go, we were in for a treat of a day already! Immediately this RS3 caught our eyes, for obvious reasons.

that_matte_rs3 01_.JPG
that_matte_rs3 05.JPG

We got our cars in place, ready to give them a final mint up, then WHOOPS! Only gone and left my cleaning kit at home! (DONUT!) But that weren’t a worry! JUICY DETAILS was there on hand to plug us some of the best cleaning products on the market! Yeah yeah, Juicy Jay saves the day!


So with the motors minted up, it was time to enjoy the day! With the sun shining, and our photography team itching to get back behind their lenses, we got straight to it! 


We are now nearing the official start time, and the cars are pouring into the picturesque venue. The TUCKED team had the organisation down to a T! The layout was perfect, with more than enough space round each and every car. Which for photographers and the 2M distancing rule was perfect. 


After a short walk around, it was already evident that there was a large variety of vehicles. Classic to modern, jap to German and everything in between. There was something for absolutely everyone! And the quality was overwhelming! 


It almost felt surreal being back at a show. Yet here we were, Cars, Music, Food and friends. The vibe was so calm and relaxed. The Tucked team really hit the nail on the head with what i look for in a show.


This Audi TT stood out straight away, perfectly stanced on the stepped up BBS and it was outstandingly clean. 


Then we came across this cool little Escort. Not one for the purists what so ever, but you cant take away how cool it looks. The stance, the classic colour, it just works! Talking about colours, you couldnt get any further across the spectrum with this purple wrapped Golf R. With the forever winning Airlift and Rotiform combo it was certainly an eye catcher.


I think its fair to say  this Audi S3 didn't struggle to gain attention and I don't think we have to explain why.

@s25wrm 01.JPG

But i think its safe to say when it came to attention seeking this GT86 stole the show! With its bright green colour and camber you normally only see in youtube videos from Japan or America. It certainly had everyone talking about it whether it was their cup of tea or not. But for me,  think the owners onto a winner.

v22_2yan 02.JPG
v22_2yan 04.JPG

Speaking of winners, that now takes me onto my favourite car of the day! Anyone that knows me, knows im a BMW man at heart and Classics at that! When I come across this 840ci I was speechless. It didnt matter what angle you looked at it, it just looked perfect! Stanced out courtesy of Airlift and sitting on the 3 piece AC Schnitzer's, its just a match made in heaven on this classic. But it wasnt just the exterior, the interior was just as immaculate and it was almost like looking into a time capsule from the day the car was produced. No wonder this was a Tucked winner.

aimanbugis1 01.JPG
aimanbugsis1 03.JPG
aimanbugis 04.JPG

I think its quite evident we had a great day out! A massive well done to the Tucked Automotive crew for putting on yet another great event! And if your looking for a chilled day out surrounded by cars, good people and great pizza. Then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for when they announce their next event!  @Tucked_

We have tried to put as many photos on this feature as possible, but for more content from the Tucked event go follow us on instagram @lowdownuk. 

Thanks again Tucked! 

See you all soon,


Lowdown UK.

khianm audi.JPG

Big shout out to our Media Team @JakeWardPhoto @F10Media and for supplying us with the killer content! make sure you give them a follow!

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